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You need voice recognition technology

You need voice recognition technology

You need voice recognition technology

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you’ll have no doubt used (or at least heard about) some form of voice recognition software. If you’re not familiar with it, essentially, it’s a broad term that defines aprocess whereby a computer executes commands through spoken words.

It’s a relatively simple concept, but it’s taken the better part of half-a-century to fully begin to realize its potential, with the invention of devices such as Google Home and the Amazon Echo helping to introduce this technology to the masses.

Whilst there has always been some skepticism surrounding the practical implementation of voice recognition, that is to say, how successful it is at carrying out complex tasks, the truth of the matter is that sometimes simplicity is key.

It’s because of this simplicity that I believe everyone - including YOU - needs to have voice recognition software in their life in one form or another, and here are just some of the reasons why!


It enhances your life

Voice recognition software can enhance your life in a number of different ways. Take for instance, the ability for it to interact with media systems to output information audibly through a set of speakers. With this capability, it is possible for users, such as the visually impaired to access information that they would otherwise have difficulty getting hold of.

A great example of this is online banking, which with the integration with voice recognition software, allows users to send payments, find out recent transactions and even report fraudulent activity without ever really having to look at or use a screen.

If that’s alone isn’t a strong enough case, then consider that you could shop online, book a taxi, find out the weather or even order a takeaway without a single scroll, swipe, or click.

Useful, right?


You can reduce pointless frustrations

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to bed and getting half-way up the stairs before you realize you’ve left the kitchen light on. Rather than having to traipse all the way back down again, with voice recognition technology you could save yourself this hassle and turn off the lights without even moving.

This is true for similar sorts of tasks, like changing the temperature of your home heating system or finding out where you left your phone. This sort of technology can really help alleviate the frustration that comes with these sorts of inconveniences, which can make the difference between having a good day, to having a disastrous one! 


It's a business opportunity

If neither of the previous points are enough to persuade you to get involved with voice recognition software, then perhaps the entrepreneur in you will be interested to know that you can reach new users using voice search capabilities.

Whilst your competitor might be focusing their attention on getting their website on the first page of Google – which actually requires some typing – what if you could reach an entirely new audience by picking up buzzwords from their voice search?

This opens up the possibility for potential clients to find your site first and, providing you can give some way of communicating your products/services, place an order there and then.


There you have it.

Those were just some of the reasons why you need voice recognition technology!

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Rhys is a recent graduate in Computing BSc (Hons), and first worked with GT4 back in 2015 whilst on his university placement. He is now a fully fledged member of the  web development team working with both front and back-end technologies. 

In his spare time, Rhys enjoys watching and playing football, occasionally channelling his inner Ronaldinho in a game of five-a-side.

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