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A splash of colour

A splash of colour

A splash of colour

What’s your homepage set to? If you’re like me, you’ll see it 100 times a day.

Direct access to google is good, but most browsers do this straight from the address bar. Maybe a bookmark list – is great for this – practical, but not fun.

If you’re a chrome user (and you really should be) grab a hold of the GettyImages New Tab Extension then every single homepage visit becomes an absolute delight featuring some of the most beautiful images from the Getty library.

And it still has a google search bar :)

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Mark has been with The GT4 Group for almost 15 years and works directly with the group Chief Executive, as well as supporting the team on a day to day basis. At GT4 Design + Web you can call on him to explain complex processes in simple terms and deliver your project to our Dev team so they can hit the ground running.

Outside of the office Mark's usually still in front of a screen, swapping coding for Emulators, Home Theatre A/V setups, and Video Editing. He's passing the geek torch by teaching his kids DnD, HeroClix, and Munchkin

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