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The time has passed when it was enough to be satisfied with simply being online. The preoccupation of online presence is being replaced by an expectation of online results. gt4’s methods, people, and solutions are geared around results. Those results can only come if every link in the chain is reliable, efficient, and designed for rapid changes in business environment. Web and application hosting is not the last link in the chain - it’s an integral part of a successful strategy and decision-making must be taken with the same care and attention as the front-end or user-experience elements of a project. Successful sites, whether public-facing web sites, extranet applications or internal communications must be supported through hosting environments that are second to none, stable, reliable and worry-free.

For many companies, managing an e-business solution is not their core competency. Dedicated managed Internet hosting services let companies focus on their business while leaving the creation and management of the electronic infrastructure to experts focused on the task. gt4 provide managed hosting as part of a complete range of services, leaving you able to get on with your business in the knowledge that your web sites and eBusiness applications are always available with no service interruptions. Not all web hosting services are equipped to meet these requirements. Choose the wrong host and your business may suffer. Whatever your specific hosting requirements, your business deserves the best.