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Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is the leading open source ASP.NET Content Management Service. This lets us build your sites, that you can edit, on a secure, maintained, and modern engine. Edit your site from anywhere with confidence.

Each of our sites is built on a complete and comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) - Umbraco. This is a fully-featured open source system, with the flexibility to run anything from small microsites through to complex applications. It is strongly supported by an active and welcoming community of users around the world including Microsoft’s own developers, and is backed by a rock-solid commercial organization providing professional support and tools.

By using the Umbraco platform, you will be able to take control of your content (pages, images, and documents) without any requirement for high levels of technical skill. Users proficient in Microsoft Word are at an appropriate level to begin managing your company’s website. Authorised personnel have the ability to easily update the website while Umbraco allows edit/publish capabilities to be restricted, allowing content management tasks to be distributed throughout the organisation whilst retaining centralised editorial control.

With more than 375,000 installations Umbraco is one of the most deployed Web Content Management Systems on the Microsoft stack. It's in the top five most popular server applications and among the ten most popular open source tools in general.