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Design + Branding

We are a branding agency, specialising in creating, developing and renovating brands. Whether for a company, product, event or service, using our expertise and experience, we infuse clarity, direction and consistency to every customer reaction. Oh, and we make it look really good!

The need for a creative agency usually springs from the requirement for a visual solution – whether it’s a marketing campaign to promote your business, a brochure for your next sales campaign, an advert to reinforce your brand or an exhibition system for an upcoming event. So if you need to produce a visual solution that makes a contribution to your business, you need a team that gets the big picture and works with you, rather than in a silo. You need a design team who can quickly develop an understanding of your products, services and goals, your competitors and your target audience. Which is why, at GT4, our designers are focussed on creating winning brand strategies by getting to know our clients and getting our clients to know their business and their target audience. That's how we do it, that's what makes us different.